instragram yoga

Is this thing on??? My thoughts about social media yoga.

Ok, so I have COMPLETELY failed at keeping up with this blog... BUT that's ok - maybe I just wasn't ready to share my yoga-related thoughts with the world - but NOW I guess I am :). 

Today's post is more of a quick little update about the things that have been floating around my noggin over the past few weeks.  As many of you know I am an active member of the instagram yoga community and many people have asked "Why do you do that? It is so non-yogic", and yes, taking photos of myself and posting them publicly is a little strange and has the potential to be COMPLETELY EGO-SERVING (which we all can agree on is pretty ick), BUT I say it also has the potential to be completely inspiring AND a record to remind you of your internal drive or focus (think tapas not ego) on your own individual journey through this practice on the tough days when your practice is poopy (hey we all have 'em). 

(SIDE NOTE: Saying something is "non-yogic" seems like it may be based on a pretty judgemental way of looking at yoga.  Satya and ahimsa - Speak your truth and above all else do no harm... so as long as I'm satisfying those two and moving and breathing (or not moving and just focusing on breathing or being mindful, etc)  I feel a-ok with classifying it as yoga - as always - willing to discuss this with others)

I have found the posts of other yogis to be extremely inspiring - not just as a way of pushing me to try new things with my body that help me find my edge (and then eventually help me learn to deal with how I react to the world when I meet my edge off my mat), but also to remind me that EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this planet is completely unique and different.  Rather than looking at a photo saying "wow I wish I could do that" (and let's be honest, I'm not perfect, sometimes I still do say that) more often I find myself saying "wow look how amazing the human body is, what an amazing tool to express our own individuality".  The photos also serve to remind me that my own practice and everyone's is constantly changing and evolving --- and honestly what is more yogic than accepting change as it comes?  (who knows maybe I'll change ;) my mind about this whole ig-yoga thing in the future).

As a student of yoga first, and teacher second, I intend to use social media to continue to be part of a community that shares kindness and compassion with others.  So, friends, you will see me continue to participate in instagram challenges to try postures I once NEVER imagined doing, send love out to other yogis doing the same, and post REAL photos of myself enjoying the journey that is my practice.  Let them be an inspiration to you --- or unfollow me if they annoy you --- that's cool, no hurt feelings :)